Red Lotus Floating Market + Elephants World Day Tour (Private Tour)

Red Lotus Floating Market + Elephants World Day Tour  (Private Tour) 

Just 60 kilometres northwest of Bangkok in Bang Len district of Nakhon Pathom, the picturesque Red Lotus Floating Market offers a lovely and inexpensive day trip for the family. Open from 8 am to 5 pm daily, the main attraction includes a 24 rai (roughly 9 acre) pond filled with lotus flowers and plants.

Take care of Thailand's gentle giants at ElephantsWorld's Elephant Day Care with a one day or overnight program! Get to know the local wildlife, and learn about the history of the sanctuary and the elephants living there. Choose between the fun-flled day tour or a magical overnight stay, both of which offer amazing activities that will enable you to experience the everyday life of the locals and the animals.Take care of the elephants by gathering and preparing healthy food for them - sticky rice balls for the old elephants and plant food for the younger ones. Cool down and bathe with the elephants at the huge river down the mountains.



07:00.  pick-up hotel in bangkok to the Red Lotus Floating Market.

08:30. Arrive the market, the one, which is almost untouched by the modern world. 

Enjoy the sceneries of rural lives. Take an ancient boat to see the red lotus in the pond.

09.30. Enjoy Thai desert called ‘ Miang kham kleb Bua’ included price. 

10.00. Pick up from market to Elephants World

12.00.  Arrive to Elephants World . Introduction & Safety rules +Buffet lunch

13.30.  Observe our elephants having a mud bath (elephant spa)

14:00.   Prepare food for the elephants. Activities can differ everyday, For example.

cutting bana grass, make sticky rice or grass balls.

 Join the elephants in taking a mud bath.Take the elephants to the river for a bath.

Visitor Take a shower (Towels are provided by Elephants world)

15.00.  Feed the elephants by fruit and vegetables.

15.30. Back to bangkok 


Price for 1 Person 4,200 Baht 

Minimum 2 Person / Every day Tour 


What's included

Air-conditioned Car  Basic speaking driver service.

boat in the Red Lotus Floating Market.

Drone Photo 

Thai desert called ‘ Miang kham kleb Bua’

Buffet lunch  

Take the elephants to the river for a bath  


Price Excludes 

-Complimentary drinks

-Other personal expenses

-Tips and gratuities

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